The Intricacies
Within Your Teeth

At Modern Smile Center, we aim to cover all of your oral health needs under one roof, which includes endodontic care.  What are endodontics? Literally translated, endo- means “inside”, and -dontics means “teeth”. If the intricate system of tooth pulp, nerves, arterioles, and tissues within one or more of your teeth is suffering from infection or trauma, we can go to the source to rescue your smile. We have the advanced technology to make the process as smooth and painless as possible. You can trust Dr. Cimino and his caring team to do everything in their power to prevent the need for extraction or other extensive procedures that negatively impact your health, confidence, and budget.

Root Canals

The first thing you should know is root canals are not technically considered oral surgery because they don’t require any scalpels or sutures. If you have an infection inside a tooth, you may need a root canal to eliminate the infection and save the tooth. We know root canals have earned a bad rap over the years, but today, root canals are actually a fairly painless procedure – usually no more uncomfortable than having a cavity filled. It’s actually the pain of an infected tooth left untreated that’s worse than the root canal itself.

Root canals are usually performed under local anesthetic, but we do have sedation available to help ease your nerves. Dr. Cimino will make sure you are totally comfortable and don’t feel a thing. He will make a small access hole in the tooth, through which he will use special tools to remove the infection. He will then sterilize and fill the chamber to prevent further infection. Finally, root canals are usually finished with a crown to seal the tooth and bring it back to full function and aesthetics.

If you’re experiencing pain and sensitivity or a toothache, you should come in to see Dr. Cimino right away. Don’t wait for the problem to go away on its own, because it won’t! The infection will only get worse left untreated.

Root Canal Illustration

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