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Smile Makeovers

‘Smile Makeovers’ in as Little as Two Visits!

If you have misshapen teeth, unsightly gaps, or deep discoloration, our porcelain veneers may be the answer. This is quickly and painlessly altering crooked teeth so they look like they’ve had years of straightening. Veneers are thin, but very hard, sheets of the most advanced dental ceramic available. They are bonded to natural teeth in a way that makes the teeth appear straight and uniform, creating an attractive smile. Another common dental problem is chipped, cracked, or worn teeth. Veneers can be applied to the tooth to completely conceal the chip or crack and also to reshape a worn or misshapen tooth. The veneer is made to match the color of the surrounding teeth and looks completely natural.

Teeth Whitening – Dazzling Results!

The only way to get your teeth their whitest is by using professional-strength whitening. We offer Philips ZOOM!™ Whitening for a brilliantly white smile, without stains or darkness, obtained with the technique that best suits your goal and your budget. The teeth whitening results can last for years! Choose chairside power whitening in one visit or custom whitening trays for excellent take-home whitening.




One-Visit Crowns

We are pleased to offer crowns made with CAD/CAM technology, a highly precise computer milling system that makes crowns right in the office, in about an hour. No more temporaries, additional visits, or crowns that don’t seem to fit right. These modern restorations dramatically reduce cracking, lowering the likelihood of needing future root canal treatment. Due to the custom design and precise fit, CAD/CAM restorations are bonded to the tooth with the optimum strength available. If you have ever had a crown placed the traditional way, we are sure you will notice the difference!

Actual Patient Before

Actual Patient After

Individual results may vary.

A Faster Approach for Straighter Teeth

With Invisalign™ it is possible to have straight teeth in as little as 9 – 15 months! No braces, wires, or headgear! And the best part is that no one will know you’re straightening your teeth – because it’s invisible! The Invisalign system is easily removable and allows you to eat and drink what you want while in treatment, and brushing and flossing are no problem!




Traditional Metal Braces

Using the latest in modern techniques, we can now make braces more comfortable and attractive than ever. It used to be that you might spend 3 – 5 years in treatment. It’s not that way anymore! The time needed for treatment will vary from person to person but usually can be completed in 6 – 24 months or less. For cost-effective and time-tested orthodontic results, traditional metal braces may be the way to go.

Technology: iTero™ Digital Impressions

The Cadent iTero™ digital impression system is dentistry gone 3-D. With iTero, we take a highly accurate digital impression for your crown or bridge area, completely eliminating the uncomfortable tray and putty impression. What’s more, iTero technology all but guarantees a perfect fit for your new crown or bridge, so you spend less time at the dentist’s office and more time enjoying your new smile. In addition to taking digital impressions, the iTero takes intraoral pictures and has infrared technology to detect cavities without radiation! You’ll love how this works!


Actual Cosmetic Patient – Before

Actual Cosmetic Patient – After

Actual Braces Patient – Before

Actual Braces Patient – After

Individual results may vary.

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